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Welcome to my personal website! I use this place as a way to learn HTML~ It's a mish-mash of things I like and personal writings. Click around, you'll never know what you'll find~ ;) I make changes and add things often, so I hope you come by again!

Boring typical website formalities:This site is best experienced in Google Chrome. It works in other browsers, but sometimes my frames/fonts get a little funky. Sorry about that! This is an image-heavy experience, so you'll have to be patient with loading times. If backgrounds/images aren't loading, try refreshing the page! Also, please note that I don't own any of the images/sound on this site, unless otherwise stated. It's totally just for my own fun!

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update log ;

7/2/2018 - Omg, I can't believe I abandoned this log for so long! Sorry for such a long absence here on Neocities...It's a long story--I sort of touch on things in my latest blog entry--but I don't want to make too many excuses. I've popped in to make some minor aesthetic changes--adding more original art and CSS on certain pages, etc. I've also added a archive page, that will hopefully show a clear history of my web design skills over time~ ^^ Thank you for over 20,000 views! My site has made it to the 'Most followed' page here on Neocities!

2/19/2018 - Thank you for over 10,000 views, and for passing 50 followers I wrote about this more in-depth on my blog, but I just want to say thank you again. I'm so happy! ;w; I've been a bit lazy with updating this log, so since last updated I've added another article to my memoirs, and added a whole new section, "Map of Dreams" (it's something of a log of my re-occuring dreams). I have something in the works for a celebration of my site's views, but it's still a secret for now~! ;)

2/2/2018 -Happy February! Things have been a bit quiet lately, but there is a new blog post, and the beginnings of a links page. Thank you for 9,000 views!! I wonder what I'll do for the next big milestone...?

1/12/2018 - I've been slow with updating this log, sorry about that! The last two articles in my series about Neopets have been posted in my Memoirs, and I just posted a new little blog post. I'm planning a new shrine page, maybe? Also, thank you so much for 8,000 views~!! *w*

1/4/2018 - My first logged update of 2018~! ^^ I've managed to keep up with the flow of new content--A new article in my Memoirs, an especially ranty blog post, and a brand new section called 'The Survey Vault'. I've also fixed some links since I created the splash page, and fixed my autoplay music. Thank you so much for 7,000 views~! ^^

12/28/2017 -So much happening on my site! You may notice that things have been tidied up and re-arranged--there's now a splash page, music, and an updated navigation~ There's also a new blog post, and a brand new feature I'm working on called Memoirs of an Internet Junkie, where I'm sharing my memories of growing up on the internet, what sites I frequented, etc. Also, this site has passed 6,000 views! Craziness! Thank you so much~! ;w;

12/22/17 - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my little space here on Neocities~! I have a new post up on my blog, and have been making little layout changes to my exsisting pages. I'm working on a brand new project behind the scenes that I can't share too much info about yet~ ;p But I did unearth something, I wonder what it will have inside...?

12/19/2017 - Hiya everybody~! You may notice that there is a new banner concerning Net Neutrality on my homepage--if you haven't educated yourself, I highly encourage you to click that banner and do so. I'll talk more about this in a blog post coming up soon...Otherwise, check out my finally finished shrine to Dance Dance Revolution! (I'm especially proud of my Jukebox--my first ever Javascript project!) Also, omg!! thank you for 4,000 views!! *w*

- 12/3/2017 - Yikes, I've been gone for over a month! ;_; Sorry friends, hope you forgive me. Real life and adulty things are so crazy and time-consuming, and I got burnt out for a little while there...but I'm feeling better now! You can read up on what I've been up to while I've been away on my brand-new diary page~ Also, thank you so much for 3,000 views!! WOW!! I know that's a small number, but it feels big to me. Thank you for coming by my site! ;w;

- 10/27/2017 ~ Happy Halloween~! Okay, I'm a few days early with the holiday wishes, I know...but I was worried I wouldn't get a chance to say something the day of, with all the festivities that I have planned this year. :p Life has been crazy lately! I've returned from my trip, but still haven't had much time to work on the site, so sorry about that...Progress may be slow, but it is happening, so thanks for being patient~!

- 10/19/2017 ~ My site has just passed over 2,000 views! Thank you so much for coming by, everyone! :'D Unfortunately updates are going to become infreqeunt, because I'm travelling with family this weekend to a place that won't have internet. (seriously...what am I gonna do with myself?!) But I hope to return and continue working on things sometime next week!

10/14/2017 - There is a mysterious link that has appeared at the bottom of this page! Will you click it...? :P Progress is coming along slowly on my Dance Dance Revolution page. Stay tuned for more!

- 10/12/2017 ~ My site has passed over 1,000 views! WOW!! *o* that's crazy to me! Thank you to everyone who has visited my website! I know it's still pretty humble right now, but I hope to continue to work hard on it~ ^^ My shrine to Dance Dance Revolution has been started.

- 10/8/2017 ~ Whew! It's been a busy past few days. I think my shrine page to American Mcgee's Alice is finally near completion, minus a few small details I'm going back-and-forth on. Slowly beginning to plan my next shrine...Also, there's a guestbook now! If you'd like to leave a note. ^^

- 10/6/2017 - Been making quite a bit of progress on things since last update. Tweaked the homepage a bit, and am about halfway done with my shrine to American Mcgee's Alice. Sorry there's no link to it yet on the shrines page, I hope to add it there when it's finally done. I originally thought it was too soon for this, but I might add a guestbook soon? I'm getting a weird amount of views considering I barely have any content, lol. Idk if there's anyone out there that would want to reach me, but I figure I should make it an option. XD

- 10/4/2017~ Waahhh!! Over a hundred people have viewed my site already! Where are you all coming from, lol~ O_o;; (Does Neocities count your own views in the viewcount number...?) Either way, thank you for coming by~ Sorry my site is still so empty, my shrines page is very time-consuming to make.

- 10/3/2017 ~ Lots of pretty pixels, stamps, and blinkies all over the place! I'm totally pimping out everything, haha. I've just about finished my about page! Next up is going to be my shrines page, where I hope to make fan pages dedicated to different things I like.

- 10/2/2017 ~ This website has been created! It's taken me a day or so to even figure out how to get text in here, change the background, etc. (I have no HTML experience besides tinkering with premade layouts slightly, so coding from scratch means very slow going...) But finally I have had some success! The bare bones for my homepage and about page have been created. I look forward to creating many more pages!

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