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Welcome to my shrine to American Mcgee's Alice, a videogame series by American Mcgee!

Here you can find facts about the games, screenshots, videos--basically anything about Alice! I played the very first installment from the series at about twelve years old,
and it left a huge impression on me. Being an angsty awkward goff teenager at the time, it seemed like spooky goth Alice in Wonderland was just the thing I was looking for...
The story and art design are still beautiful to me today! I hope you enjoy this page, whether you're a fan or a newcomer! ^^
((This is a relatively spoiler free page. Also, I don't own any of the images/videos used.))

The first game: 'American Mcgee's Alice'

Box art for American Mcgee's Alice (unless you lived in a country that deemed Alice's knife too scary for the box art, and it was changed to her ice wand).

The first game in the Alice series is the PC game that came out in the year 2000. The story, though inspired by Lewis Carroll's original books, is a twisted version
of the fairytale, where Alice's family perishes in a house fire and she's driven mad with guilt of being the only survivor...This lands her in an asylum, and the actual
gameplay takes place in the 'Wonderland' in Alice's mind. The familiar setting and characters are twisted into dark versions of themselves, and Alice is forced to literally
fight her own demons and defeat the evil Red Queen to restore Wonderland (and her mind) to its original state. The character designs are so cool, with graphics that still hold
up pretty well today, and the story really gets quite emotional as Alice realizes she's forced to face her trauma, save her Wonderland friends, and save herself.

If you're interested in playing, getting a hard copy of the game is unfortunately a bit expensive, as it's rare to find these days (and considered
a cult classic by many), but it can be found on Amazon and Ebay. There was also a code given out with purchases of it's sequel, Alice: Madness
, that allowed for a digital download that would play easily on modern systems.
Check out the totally wicked trailer below!

Anyways, here are some fun facts about American Mcgee's Alice~
It was made using the same engine as Quake III
The composer of the soundtrack is Chris Vrenna, the drummer of Nine Inch Nails. (Originally, Marilyn Manson
was considered for the soundtrack, and supposedly even did a couple of sample tracks!)
Alice was EA's first M-rated game! That might seem a bit silly to hear now, seeing how violent
and realistic videogames can be today, but back then it was srs business. (Seriously, my parents were
horrified of this game when I was a kid...)
The earliest copies of the game came with a 'casebook', written in the perspective of Alice's doctor that
was treating her during her time in the asylum. It sheds more light onto Alice's backstory, and
allows us to better imagine what's actually happening to her outside of Wonderland. You can read a transcript of it here.
There was a time where a feature-length live action Alice movie was being planned, with Sarah Michelle Gellar
playing Alice.

Here are some screenshots! (click to see them big)
alicechess alicechess alicechess alicechess

The second game: 'Alice: Madness Returns'

In 2011, Alice fans were finally blessed with Alice: Madness Returns, a sequel to the original Alice. The story expands on...well,
Alice...returning to madness. She's now working and living in an orphanage for troubled orphans, under Dr. Bumby. Thanks to Bumby's therapy sessions, Alice's
memories of the fire return, along with her guilt and hallucinations...and she returns to Wonderland once more, believing that her family's death wasn't just an accident,
and begins to seek the truth...Most all of Wonderland's usual characters return, along with many new ones, and the art is so incredibly beautiful with modern graphics!
The story is exciting and an interesting add to the original plot of the 1st Alice--there are probably some people that disagree with me (it's hard for any kind of sequel
to impress hardcore fans, yeah?) but I thought it was just fantastic!

This is the easiest Alice game to get a hold of--the game is available for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. More often than not, I find that most people have at least
heard of Madness Returns, but have no idea that it's actually a sequel to another game, lol. But it is a very nice game on it's own!
Give the launch trailer a watch!

Also, if you're interested, there are these fantastically-animated teaser trailers: one, two, & three

Some fun facts about Alice: Madness Returns~
Alice comes with many different outfits this time around! She still has her classic blue pinafore,
but her dress changes in each level. There is also several new outfits available in the DLC for the PC version of the
game. Here's a pic of them all together.
Before the release of Madness Returns, there was a storybook-style app available for download that allowed players
to catch up on Alice's backstory. It's no longer available for download, but you can watch a full playthrough of it here.
For those fans of the also-amazing game Psychonauts, there is an Easter Egg of Raz in Queensland. You can find
his corpse in a little alcove in the Red Queen's castle. Poor Raz~ ;_;
Though most of the soundtrack for this Alice game is done by a different composer, Chris Vrenna did come back
to do the track 'Wasteland' (the battle music used in the Hatter's Domain).
While most any game has beta content and things that get cut from the final product, the beta content
for Madness Returns had some wildly different content from the published game. You can read a list of what was
included in the beta version here.

Here are some screenshots! (click to see them big)
madnesswonderland madnesscardgaurd madnesssky madnesscastle

The animated shorts: 'Alice: Otherlands'

Alice: Otherlands is a short animated series that follows Alice, now free of Wonderland, entering the minds of
famous people in history. It was funded via Kickstarter, and consists of two episodes--"Leviathan" (where Alice meets famous sci-fi author Jules Verne)
and "A Night at the Opera" (where Alice explores the mind of Richard Wagner while at the opera). I don't have much else to say about this Alice project, as I
don't really care for it...I backed it while the Kickstarter was active, but I find the final products to be really "meh..."
But here are the two episodes for free on Youtube, so give them a watch, if you'd like!

A third Alice game? 'Alice: Asylum'

That's right folks! There is plans for a third Alice game--it's in its most preliminary form right now though, as Mcgee
and his team are working together a business plan to pitch to EA. The story this time is going to a follow a young, 13-year-old Alice (set before
the events in the very first Alice game) during her time in the Rutledge asylum. There isn't much more stable info to share on this project yet, but if
you're an fan, then I highly enourage you to sign up for the official mailing list and like the facebook page!

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Alice randomness!

I plan to make a seperate page for misc. information on Alice and fandom-related goodies. Check back later, please!

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