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Welcome to Teddie's Junk Drawer!
Things that don't fit in the navigation on my homepage end up here. Dig around and see what you can find!

"The Survey Vault" - Remember those copypasta survey things that you used to share with friends back on Myspace and early Facebook? Here's where I go to post such things when I'm in the nostalgic mood! Lots of boring tidbits and oversharing of personal things here, lol. Feel free to copy some and do them yourself!
"Teddie's Map of Dreams" - A collection of my re-occuring dreams. For some reason, I tend to dream of the same environments/scenarios over and over again...I'm not really sure what it all means, so I'm attempting to write them down to hopefully decipher it later. And you're welcome to read them! (They get pretty weird.)
"Site Archive" - Ever wonder what my website looked like in the past? I've begun archiving my site before making major updates, so now you too can peruse them for your own enjoyment! (If you're actually that nosy?!)