4:24 pm

god i love dirt


9:24 pm

bite marks

5:27 pm

expressing myself to the walls


10:07 am

perfumed trash bags


2:04 pm

garden of eden in suburbia. a little brown rabbit is eating a fallen tomato under a rainbow

2:13 am

too much too soon


8:45 pm

the Vibes are just...BAD.....


4:39 pm

love how black cherries stain your tongue


10:47 pm

we made beautiful dreams...but that's all they were, were dreams. by the morning, they didn't mean anything at all

4:41 pm

where does the time go ?


12:24 pm

lady at the gas station is singing to herself


3:00 pm

ripped out an eyelash while listening to cher

2:59 am

a trail of bread crumbs leading to an empty room that was once full of life... but now not even the ghosts live here


11:57 am

it doesn't have to be as bad as all that


8:02 pm



3:47 am

it's almost 4 in the morning and i'm so fucking lonely


1:58 am

dreamed i pet a tiny cat that was dressed up as hatsune miku


1:03 pm

how long does it take for a chicken to lay an egg...??


11:23 am

alone in a parking lot


5:51 pm

getting deja vu of getting deja vu

5:22 pm

sugar overdose


4:25 pm

have tumby ache

10:00 am

saw 7777 immediately upon waking and found the cat waiting for me on the stairs


4:51 pm

i wish i could peel all of the skin off of my face and start over


8:35 pm

perpetual panic. feels like my limbs are weighted and i'm being pulled to the ground. shadows on the walls of the cave.

5:56 am

pounding in my ears


5:14 pm

i've had nothing to say. i'm listening to a power drill right now.

10:59 am

strawberry yogurt


2:06 pm

nothing is permanent


10:15 pm
say it softly, soon, soon

4:50 am
hmm....might puke


9:28 pm
when the sun falls, i'm always looking for that warm blanket

2:01 pm
inner peace found in a sprinkler's rainbow mist

4:37 am
it is the wee hours of the morning
and i am in the fridge
touching all of the yogurts


4:01 pm
pretty pink pills

1:14 pm
little birds in a parking lot

3:18 am
put your ear to the ground and listen to the rumble


9:37 am
kissing lots of girls on the astral plane


4:21 am
next big hipster fashion trend should be everyone dressing as dainty lil pierrot clowns, with big pointy hats and always-sad faces

4:18 am
real insomnia & shitposty hours


6:01 pm
wish i could have done better. i'm trying to pray but it's hard. all i can do is cry "what else can you take from me?"

i am destroyed


9:46 am


2:26 pm
dress hem caught on the breeze

10:35 am
all of my thoughts have left my head. they dribbled out of my ear as i slept and now my skull is completely empty.


8:36 pm
pretty little memory


12:44 am

can't sleep

9:22 pm
the whole damn world is so heavy. it feels like it's about to burst.


1:32 pm
dreaming in neon

12:50 pm
so i haven't had anything interesting to say.........sorry


8:35 pm
a little voice whispers: "but what is it that you really want to say?"

10:19 am


6:03 pm
like i'm slipping

2:41 pm
talking to the spiders on my floor


10:55 am
visceral memories of the imdb forums


2:56 pm
a horrid little nightmare


9:20 pm
the energy of a space

1:57 pm
the cat next to me is having a dream


8:57 pm
heart pounding. listening to strawberry switchblade. feel like i'm a bursting cannon and my soul is just shooting out of my body.

10:58 am
dreamed that i had died

4:01 am
music box ballerina

3:08 am
somehow i feel naked & vulnerable even though there's no one around


3:59 pm
hallucinated a spider sneaking behind my monitor....

10:36 am
sour candy puckered lips and a cherry-stained tongue


1:13 pm
will i just mess it up again...?

5:01 am


9:41 pm
tonight's nagging thought: what if i got a metal detector...?

4:21 pm
i want to stand in the middle of a library


4:15 pm
i miss those abandoned fields filled with bittersweet vines, and my hello kitty walkman

12:30 pm
listening to fall out boy acoustics and feelin like a lil elf

11:06 am
a lot of thoughts. if i could will myself to do anything...

3:32 am
accountability! what a concept!


10:10 pm
can't find my tATu cd....

9:57 pm
far away

1:58 pm
saw a little boy with a white towel wrapped around his body standing out in the rain. you couldn't see his face. he looked like a little ghost.

10:48 am
sweat or blood ?

12:34 am
dreamed of aliens showing humanity a giant floppy disk in the stars


8:33 pm
sometimes the internet is good: accidently stumbled across the japanese furby enthusiast community and it's just wonderful.

6:00 pm
cranberry stain

4:10 pm
seasalt air and clammy skin. bare feet against cold, smooth cement. the ceilings were too high and the stairways never-ending. the roaring crashes of the ocean waves always unnerved me, but somehow i'm always nostalgic for it, out of the blue.

11:35 am
the faintest hello

2:08 am

there's a hole


12:00 pm
sheepishly peeking my head around the corner to observe the chaos

1:15 am
something in my fridge smells real bad and i'm afraid to find out what


6:57 pm
a fire in the pit of my stomach

5:11 pm

2:33 pm
fistfuls of dirt

9:37 am
i would like to not be afraid


8:30 pm
spit rainbows

1:20 pm
i'll commit social suicide if i want to!!


3:19 pm
endless scroll to fill the hole

3:27 am
all of my insides are trembling


10:13 pm
there were so many instances in my young life that just felt...a bit wrong. like shoes that don't fit quite right.

7:34 pm
there are so many spiders

10:30 am

2:30 am
can you hear the song ?


7:39 pm
funny feeling in my throat: something like a gasp. like that moment just before you get the hiccups... but no hiccups are coming

6:13 am
gap in my memory. where did my soul go while i was asleep ?


10:10 pm
old habits die hard

7:56 pm
mixed messages in the tarot. "drop the facade"

4:10 pm
eating beans and crying about angels

9:29 am
looked at my breakfast and thought "gamer fuel".....


11:21 pm
it came up like blood

3:36 pm
cute-but-grubby skateboarder type behind me in the convenience store. rainbow stickers all over his helmet, huge amount of plastic keychains on his backpack. he's buying a shit ton of candy bars. what a vision...

3:33 pm

.....my mom just called me an emo.

2:44 pm
there's a staggering number of wildly elegant women at this garden center. wide sun hats and heeled sandals. ralph lauren logos with perfectly color-coordinated face masks. i feel underdressed.

1:45 pm
accidently touched a tumor on a dog's belly

11:15 am
the digital display on the front of a bus says "wash your hands!"

2:30 am
bedtime stories


9:22 pm
suddenly aware of all of the blood rushing thru my body

6:43 pm
we talked about the future, and about dreams, and of our teeth falling out

6:40 pm
pixel orbs

5:59 am
transported back in time to when i was a toddler hiding under the blankets


6:03 pm
sitting barefoot in the grass

11:30 am
ghostly echo in the garden

3:43 am
gotta drown my thoughts out

1:17 am
i got my laundry done, and that's...something


3:32 am
you were but a child


8:00 pm
dead bug on my floor

1:10 pm
sinking ice deep in the bellows of your stomach

11:16 am
a shivering chill even when the heat is vibrating off of the pavement

4:31 am
the world is on fire. change is imminent. dreamed i held a tiny baby bird.


10:43 pm
u n p l u g g e d

5:51 pm
just saying the same things over and over again with different words

10:46 am
can't remember if i saw something on twitter, or if i saw it in a dream i had about twitter (what kind of things are posted about on dream-twitter...?)

8:55 am
blanket of gentleness falling over the forest

7:14 am
dreamed of unending hallways


9:42 pm
cloying smell of gasoline. cough drop wrapper floating in the air conditioner breeze.

i wore a necklace yesterday and that was a big deal.

go b a c k