Hi! I'm Teddie, the webmistress of this little cloud on the internet.
Nice to meet you~!

A quick introduction about myself: a lonely weeb lost in the middle of the woods, in the later years of twenty-something. Passionate about the internet in general, and trying to figure out a career in web design and social media management. Besides being Too Online, I spend a lot of time caring for my chickens and my two fat cats. Sometimes I wear frilly dresses. Yuri anime and Jpop idols are my guilty pleasures. Tarot reader, word weaver: slowly putting together a novel that will probably never see the light of day--!

This site was made just over two years ago, at the time of writing. When I started it, it was a real mess - a fun mess, though! I was literally just throwing stuff at the screen and seeing what would work. I had no idea how HTML worked, besides maybe writing one line of code for my Neopets profile when I was like, 9. I had to learn everything from the ground up. It was hard work, but super rewarding - and thankfully, the community here on Neocities is very kind, and offered me so much help and support!

Growing up, I would spend hours looking at homemade websites about everything and anything: a digital graveyard for passed-on tamagotchis, a super sparkly gif-ridden trove on the history of unicorns, and a carefully-kept diary somebody's elaborate dragon roleplay adventures are just a few that stick out in my memory. (If you want to read about my memories of growing up online in-depth, check out my memoirs!) To truly "surf the web" was a purposeful action: in the earliest days of the internet, you had turn on your clunky computer, sign in with dial-up...and god forbid if someone had to use the phone while you were online! Even as technology improved in the early 2000s, the internet felt like its own little world: a place where people could share a little piece of their souls, spill their passions, to anyone and no one at all.

So my little website is something like a love letter to the internet of days past - a little rough around the edges but (hopefully) full of genuine passion. This is where I feel most like my honest self on the web! My main goal here is to simply create a space that I would have appreciated when I was a little kid on the internet - some place peaceful, but also a free space to let my freak flag fly. I hope it offers you a brief reprieve from the fast-paced, performative culture of social media these days.

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