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High up in the sky,
Is a little cloud that glows a bit brighter than the rest.
Look closely, and you might see
an angel...

Welcome to the personal website of Teddie~!
This digital cloud is best experienced on a computer screen.
This is my digital playground of sorts - where I test out coding ideas and just express myself, when I find the time. Though I like to try to find the time to update fairly regularly, the realm outside of fantasyland often calls...But! Please don't let that deter you from coming to visit again! There are a lot of hidden secrets to discover, so take your time exploring. If you enjoyed your time here, leave me a note in my guestbook - I'd love to hear all about it~!

Map of Dreamland~

If you'd like to know more about the webmistress Teddie, please see the 'about' page.
If you'd like to see the shrines dedicated to Teddie's interests, please see the 'shrines' page.
If you'd like to relish in the nostalgia of old-school internet goodies, check out Teddie's 'memoirs'.
There are a lot of things hidden in the 'junk drawer'- you'll just have to go looking and see what you find!
If you'd like to see a chicken, click here.

If you ever feel lost, don't be afraid. Lay here and rest awhile.

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This new button was made very kindly by James. Thank you James!

Update Log ;

7/17/2020 - I've completely forgotten to update this log! Whoops! Here's a very belated happy July~ I've added a new section to the links page, and created a new section for this month in my diary.

6/21/2020 - Thank you for over 200 followers~! I have a fairly big update for today~! I completed a new survey for the survey vault (along with tweaking a broken link or two--sorry if I caused any confusion with my broken code!), and added some more content to the links page. Been keeping up with fairly regular updates in my diary and the notepad, as usual.

6/11/2020 - I've added to the links page! More buttons, a few more links, and a whole new section - slowly, I'm filling it out. I've also been keeping up with regular updates in my diary and the notepad.

6/3/2020 - My diary now has a section for June entries. Tweaked the navigation a little bit too so it'll be more intuitive to toggle through the months.

6/2/2020 - My new little project is now live! Go check out the notepad: it's my new replacement for Twitter, as I try to wean my addiction from that horrible app, lol. My junk drawer page also got a facelift. It's finally matches my new layout!

5/19/2020 - I've been trying out something new in my diary. I'm now including photos with each entry. Nothing terribly exciting, but it's still a tiny snapshot into my daily life. Maybe someone will find it interesting...?

5/11/2020 - Some new pages have been put up! The series synopsis and the beginnings of my personal ancedotes page have been shared on my American Mcgee's Alice shrine. Also, I've finally revamped my links out page, which it sorely needed from day one...It's still a work-in-progress, but be sure to check out my updated button wall~! ;)

5/5/2020 - I've decided to officially make the change-over to the new layout of my American Mcgee's Alice shrine. It's looking bare right now, I know - the change is premature because I was getting impatient, lol. But I'm working hard on re-writing all of the content! In the meantime, you can enjoy my cool 404 page. (I'm really proud of the animation...)

5/2/2020 - My diary now has a new section for May entries. Entries are now organized by month! As time goes on, you'll be able to toggle through past months.

4/28/2020 - My site officially has a new button! So exciting! You can view it just above this update log~ Thank you to everyone who has shared my old button in the past! It would mean a lot to me if you updated to this new one James @ JamessBlastPastPlaza made for me! ^^

4/23/2020 - I've shared a new survey on the Survey Vault - for the first time in two years, apparently! Quarantine boredom makes you do some silly things, lol. Been keeping up with the diary updates as well.

4/14/2020 - I've shared a little preview of the new look for my American Mcgee's Alice shrine - give it a peek! Also did a little housekeeping and updated my site archive page. Been keeping up with fairly regular updates in my diary - it's been a busy month~!

4/5/2020 - Hi everyone~! Okay, so my site revamp still isn't quite done yet...but I've completely redid my diary page - I'm really happy with this new design! I hope I can log down my thoughts more often. You can expect to see me around a little more now~! ^^

3/2/2020 - A shiny new homepage! Whoa! After being away from Neocities for so long, it feels great to code something again. This is just a little preview of a site-wide revamp I've been working on...I've only updated my homepage and my about page for now, as a test. (Is it possible to have a navigation bar using two iframes...?) Please let me know if something is wonky/not working on my Neocities profile!