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Here are some links for the journey ahead!

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Finding Teddie. . .

I don't really use much social media these days (besides a private facebook for people I know irl--sorry, you can't have that unless we're close friends and I know you won't stalk me, lol) but you're welcome to follow me on my Instagram for my art. You can also send me an email--just make sure to say somewhere that you're from Neocities, so I know you're not some rando. XD Feel free to send me any comments/questions/concerns you have regarding my site! ...Or just say hi.

My Friends on Neocities. . .

The community here on Neocities is a bit small, but very kind and passionate about what they do. There are sooo
many great sites (way better than mine!) you should check them out!

button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button button Less Than Three

477351 Aleash AniPike BuryPink Castle Cyberskull Cheren's Bug Land Email My Heart
Like Home Leanne The Lilac Lynx My Shitty World My-Own-Universe-In-Internet" Mt. Moonview
Nanami Akai Pathos-ii Peche's Site PlumBum Rainstorms in July SuperCupcakeTactics Strawberry Illusions
Valentine's Love Central Yup Thats Me

This area is a constant work in progress! If you'd like me to change or take down a button, just let me know!

Site resources. . . - The wonderful place where I make and host my site!

W3Schools - The classic HTML/CSS tutorial site that just about everyone uses. Seriously, it's great--they've got a section for just about anything!

HTML tutorials by CosmoChemistry - A nifty list of coding and design resources put together by cosmochemistry--very helpful for beginners!

CSS codes for animated text - Free CSS code for animated text by Leonarnott. So cool! (But I'm too stupid to figure out how it works, lol)

88x31 button collection- A collection of old-school buttons and banners curated by AN Lucas, that you can decorate your site with. What a blast from the past!

Glitter-Graphics - This was like...the ultimate 'pimp your myspace' website back in the day--and it's still online! (I used it way back when, and then again for this website) It's great for little pixels, gifs, dividers, dollz, backgrounds, etc. There's a lot of content for just about everything!

Gifcities - An archive of gifs used on Geocities. Handy if you're trying to create the perfect retro-aesthetic for your site!

Sozai Web Graphics - A lot of the cutesy pixels I use around my site have been collected in my tween years from Japanese 'sozai' web graphic communities (I used to click around blindly on these sites that I couldn't read for hours, lol). This page is a great collection of many of these old sites, along with English guides on how to navigate them. Unfortunately, due to the passage of time, a lot of these sites are now offline, but there's still some available, so I think it's still worth checking out!

Pixel-Soup on Tumblr - Tumblr is a great place to find pixels and transparent images, and this one happens to be my favorite. It's organized so nicely!

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - A collection of pixels and graphics put together by Bonnibel.

Creative Commons Search - A search engine that allows you to search for stock images, music, video, etc. (I use this for work a lot)

Neocities Banner Collection - A whole collection of buttons created by members of Neocities, curated by Owlman It's a great picture of our little community!

MIDI collection - A collection of free downloadable MIDIS, curated by gwtagacw.

Arkm's Webby Links - All kinds of nifty resources and links for graphics, fonts, and other computer-related goodies, curated by arkmsworld. There is so much content in this list of links--seriously, go check this out!