Teddie's diary

10/x/2018 - "Spooky Tidings + Deep Thoughts"

Long time, no entry! Happy October, everybody~! I've seem to have hit a major road block with my site/code--that's the reason I haven't updated in so long...sorry I left the place in a mess the last time I updated. Broken code everywhere... .__. I cleaned up some of it now, but I'm still trying to figure out some issues with my CSS (especially the buttons on my homepage) so thank you to everyone who's had the patience to fight with my broken site in the meantime, lol.

And I should be saying even more thank yous, because my site has just passed its 1 year anniversary~! According to the log on my homepage, my site was just getting going at this time last year. (I had made an account mid-to-late September, but couldn't figure out any code until October...it's a funny memory, looking back on it~ XD ) I've learned so much about HTML/CSS since that time--there's still countless things I'd like to do with this site, but I'm really grateful just to have stumbled across this community...The overwhelming kindness and support of the people here reminded me that the internet isn't as cruel as I originally thought it was--And it really is! When you wander far enough out of the safe haven of Neocities--and that was something that I really needed to see. The community here made me feel less alone. It made me realize that it wasn't so silly to miss the old internet communities of the past after all, and that there were others that felt the same sort of nostalgia as me. It gave me confidence to be myself again, even if only in a virtual space--but that in itself is something really important to me, so...to everyone that took the time to help me with my code, left me nice messages, or just silently visited my site...Thank you. Thank you so much~! You've made me so happy! (imagine this little emoticon crying while smiling at the same time for a more accurate depiction of my feelings rn, haha~)

Life has been up-and-down since my last blog entry. My grandmother on my dad's side had a horrible accident last month, and my family has been spending a lot of time with her, helping her to recover...I went to a rave for the first time in 6 years (I briefly mentioned it on my profile, lol), and that shit was crazy! The good kind of crazy--but I ended up coming down with the flu the next day. ^^;;;; My job is the same, and I haven't made much progress with applying to new ones since. Been struggling to find things in my area that I think I'd be good at, besides your basic retail job...which I think my health might be too bad to work full hours at. It's complicated.

There was a weak attempt at setting up a public fashion blog for myself, but...I absolutely hated it! I hated having to take photos of myself, and then market myself...It all felt really embarrassing and weird, even if I was passionate about the subject matter I was writing about...so I guess my teenage dream of being some kind of social media influencer is down the drain. I have to settle for a life of mediocrity, LOL. XD But that's okay--I actually learned quite a bit about social media marketing in the process, and came to terms with being "average". I think studying fashion design as a young person warped my brain...I was always striving to put together these really extra ~*lewks*~, which was fun, and I loved that part--but the whole need to be validated by internet randos/critiqued by people that barely know me ruined my relationship with fashion. It didn't help that I've been a part of alternative fashion communities for years, that are so closely tied with sharing yourself on the internet to prove your "cred"...so I've finally realized that I still love clothes, but I dress for me. And I don't need to put myself in a some sort of public forum to get the most out of my clothes. You can argue that I'm just ugly, and can't handle mean comments, lol...which is partly true. But the internet is dumb and I just don't like social media anymore.

But enough moody ranting, now! This was meant to be a cheerful post, lolol~ My life is at weird crossroads right now, but I'm gonna be okay. This little space here on the internet makes me feel okay--and I'm beyond grateful for that. Let's end with a photo of my some of my kandi for that rave I went to--it totally got me back into the scene again! I have some new beads coming in the mail right now. I'm super excited for Halloween! I can't promise when my next site update is going to be, but I hope everyone has a fun & spooky holiday~!

7/25/2018 - "Birthday Update~!"

So my birthday just passed on the 22nd--I hit the big 2 5...!!
Aaaaaaah I don't want to be this old!

LOL, but I had a nice day besides my fast-approaching old age... XD My parents surprised me with some expensive cupcakes and a lobster claw pastry, and I dressed up in lolita fashion to go antiquing with a friend. We had originally wanted to have a picnic at a local farm, but the weather was so stormy that we had to change plans last minute. I'm still a little salty that I didn't get to pet any goats, and that I was suffocating in two petticoats and sunhat in the humidity (seriously, I'm so unlucky that my bday falls right smack-dab in the middle of summer, it ruins all of my outfits lol...) but! it was stil a joyful day, overall. I'm having a pool party next weekend, so I'll get a chance to be more festive then. ^^

I mentioned this on my profile, but I got to see Evanescence in concert this month! It was so amazing--Evanescence was my favorite band as a preteen, and even if I was a totally cringy mall goth brat at the time, listening to their music is one my fondest memories of my childhood. They're touring with Lindsey Stirling, who I didn't really know much about until I saw her in person, but the whole show was phenomenal! I took a bunch of photos/videos, but my seat wasn't super close and all of the strobe lights just made Amy Lee look like a glowing fuzzy orb (she was covered in body glitter...) so unfortunately I don't really have anything quality enough to post here. I brought binoculars like a total nerd and ended up staring at Evanescence's guitarist half the time... I had no idea they had added another woman to the band...and that she was so hot...holy shit... And I totally teared up during 'My Immortal'. It was a magical night, definitely something that I'll remember for the rest of my life. ;w;

Not much else to report on, really. I've just been going about my daily grind. I've been drawing more than I have in a long time and it's nice, though I can already feel myself running out of steam...for some reason, drawing is something that I can only manage in short spurts, lol. I've been putting a lot of effort into getting a Wordpress blog up-and-running, like I mentioned in my last entry. I'm hoping that it will be good enough to share here next month! I have no idea when my next site update will be, but I wanted to share some happier news after last entry. Thanks for reading~!

7/2/2018 - "Where am I? What year is it...?"

I feel as if I've emerged from a deep forest or something, after being lost for ages...

Hiya everybody~! Okay, maybe I shouldn't be so cheerful after being gone for months, but I want this place to be a positive haven for people to visit, so I don't want to complain too much or make too many excuses...because, right now, there's some really exciting news to share!

There it is! omg!

My little site has made it to the front of the 'Most followed' page on Neocities! I can't believe it! Sandwiched between sites that I admire very much, that inspired me to make my own site...I'm so happy~ ♥ ;w; Thank you everyone who's taken the time to visit my site, and decided it was good enough to follow--it may be a small thing compared to what the world believes is big, but to me, it's something that makes my day. I'm really grateful! Thank you!

I'm not sure where to begin explaining where I've been lately. There's been some extreme ups-and-downs...and at the moment, I'm "down"...Had a huge falling out with friendsand lost support of people I was once very close with, had a bad job interview, arguing with family...but...as dark as my depressive episodes can get, I'm gonna try to be positive from here on out. I'm gonna continue job-hunting, get back into drawing (which I haven't done in ages), and start working out again. I might even start an actual ~*fashion-and-lifestyle Wordpress blog? Not that what I do here doesn't count as blogging, but...this is where I let my nerd flag fly, and a Wordpress blog would potentially look better on a resume someday, haha.

And I'm still coding! I may not have done much of substance for my site here, but I'm working on another project that will (hopefully) grow into something big someday...I can't give any hints just yet, so for now, it's a secret! :p Someday I'll return and update the CSS for the rest of my pages here--I started planning to overhaul my Mcgee's Alice shrine into something much bigger...and my links page really needs some help, haha...

But! Gotta take things one day at a time. I always get carried away with too many ideas, and then nothing gets accomplished, heh... Also I waste so much time playing Love Nikki Dress Up Queen...

So for now, let's celebrate~! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer~!

2/19/2018 - "When life gives you lemons..."

...I don't know what to fuckin' do with those lemons, man.

Okay okay, that's a bit of rough language coming from me (sorry kids!), but...damn. Life has really sucker-punched me in the past few weeks. But I missed Neocities a lot, as I always do--how have you all been?!

So...my grandmother has become very sick. Well, she's been sick with both alzheimer's/dementia for years now, but her condition took a nosedive in the past month, and...one thing after another happened, she broke her hip and was sent to a rehab center, and my family has been doing their best to help care for her. My time has kind of been sucked away from this situation--not that I want to complain about it too much, as it can't be helped, but...it's pretty much the main reason I've been away from the internet for so long. After doing so many chores in both my own household and my grandparents' house, my days just disappear. It's been so hard watching everyone I love suffer...

In the midst of starting this blog entry and other small updates for my site, I got the news that the college I graduated from in just the past year is closing down. Like...legitimately just closing and disappearing. Its assets got bought out my a large chain of schools here on the East coast, and after this spring semester finishes, all classes will cease, all students will be forced to transfer, and all staff will be laid off...The grounds are going to be repurposed as some kind training facility for the new school, or something? This sort of thing is pretty common with rinky-dink private schools I guess, but they still accepted incoming freshmen for the following year, despite announcing this?!?! So my alma mater has been on the news the past few mornings, angry parents and students being interviewed, accusations of fraud...It's been a real weird feeling, watching all of this play out. I feel like I dodged a huge bullet and escaped just in time, lol. But even as an alumni, it's super frustrating--any services I could have gone back and received will be gone. I won't be able to visit the photography students when I have fashion design work that I need photos of, I won't be able to go to the career services center for resume advice, and the professors that helped shape who I am today are going to be out of work. I'll have a degree for a school that doesn't exist...But, even if my college experience itself was a chaotic mess, I'm still finding myself a little nostalgic. I'm toying the idea of going for a visit before the semester's over and taking some urban exploration-type video before the place is totally closed--there are some ancient buildings there that would look great on camera...

I finished the coding class I mentioned in my last entry! It was...kind of successful, but the formal test at the end of the program didn't go so well for me. You had to get a 100% on it in order to get a certificate of completion, and I got...an 88.9%. So close. But also...what kind of beginners' class does that?! So erm...I may not have formally passed, but I feel like I did get some knowledge out of it. I want to overhaul my entire site now! Add some CSS, re-format my shrine pages, and maybe add some original art? This won't happen overnight, but...I hope to work towards it.

Can't think of anything else super important to share. Just been taking each day one step at a time--between work and family I haven't had a lot of free time. It's hard to feel hopeful right now, but...I am looking forward to the future. Maybe it's kind of selfish to think, but--there are still lots of exciting things to look forward to (like the Spyro the Dragon reboot?!?) and things to make! So here's hoping for brighter days~

2/19/2018 - "Deep-Cleaning Adventure"

Hi everyone! It's been awhile again since my last blog post, so sorry about that~ Life has gotten more and more busy as time goes on...not necessarily in a bad way though! I've just been absorbed in a lot of different things--work, friends, family...If only there were a few more hours in the day...

Well, anyways, what's really been occupying my free time is my attempt to deep-clean everything in my room--I've been watching KonMari videos on Youtube, and it's got me inspired to get rid of a ton of old stuff!! I live in the attic of my parents' house, so there's multiple storage closets up here--and some of the old junk is their's, but...an embarrassing amount of it is actually mine, lol. Going through it all has been on my to-do list for ages now, and I feel like now is the perfect time to start sorting through it, now that I'm finally done with college and all. It's time to refresh, and get ready for my next step in life!

I've been at it for maybe two weeks now, on-and-off, and I feel like I've barely made a dent, haha... ^^;;; But I already have several boxes and bags of clothes/items to be donated, so I guess it's still a step in the right direction? Some of the things I'm digging up have me so shocked...I found a box of schoolpapers all the way back from middleschool?!? Why the hell did I keep that?! Lmao. The sheer amount of notebooks, sketchbooks, and drawings I have from childhood to college is staggering...I've been slowly going through my piles and piles of notebooks for the past two summers, and just this past week I finally made it to the bottom of the mountain! Here's a photo of all of my sorting handiwork:

The white and light blue binder are filled with old drawings, and the navy binder on top is filled with writings. Most people get rid of embarrassing doodles and such, but I sorted my shame into chronological order... XD I call them my "tomes", lolol. You can't really tell from the angle of this photo, but the binders are totally overflowing! I swear my site is just going to become a repository for silly shit I did in my youth, with all of the stuff I found, hahaha. XD

Also, my site passed 10,000 views and reached over 50 followers?!?! WOW!! This is still sooo crazy to me--I'm not great with words, but I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone who has come by and enjoyed my site!! I think even if no one had looked at my site, I would have been content with just tinkering around with stuff and screaming into the void, but...the community here on Neocities has encouraged me and pushed me to learn about web design/coding more than I would have ever imagined, and I think that's really special! I only half understood it at the time, but before I joined Neocities, I was really lonely on the internet. This community breathed some much-needed life and inspiration into me, and I'll forever be grateful for that. I actually just started a class on coding this past week, and I'm learning so much--and loving it! I'm not sure that I would have discovered this sort of hobby without Neocities, so with that...thank you!

1/28/2018 - "Radio Silence"

I'm back from the grave! Sorry for disappearing for a little while there, for some reason it feels like ages since I last updated my site. How have you all been? ^^ I have this song on repeat today (yes, because of The Meme), and I don't seem to be stopping anytime soon!

This month has been crazy, whoa! Work has kept me real busy the past couple of weeks, and I ran out of steam when it came to working on my new shrine page. Sorry~ ;_; Is it weird to say that I think I picked something that I'm a little too passionate about as its focus? There's a lot of sensitive memories around said thing that I'm trying to gather information on...I discovered this thing at a really vunerable time in my teenage years, so re-visiting it for the first time in several years is a bit...weird for me. I don't want to abandon this project though! I feel like my site would be missing something really important to me if I didn't include it. So, more on that someday, maybe? Lol~ :p

Also, shifting the focus to something totally random, the game Yume Nikki is getting a sequel/reboot next month! How insane is that?! A little bit of background info for those who haven't heard of it: Yume Nikki is an RPG-maker game that was released in 2004. It was made by a single person (completely secretive and anonymous, and still is today) on 2chan, and then put up for download on their personal website. I don't want to spoil too much (or make this entry too long) but the game is about a girl exploring her dreams. The imagery is really cryptic and strange, and even spooky at times...but no one has any idea what it means. It's a fascinating and eerie experience, so I highly suggest you check it out yourself if this sort of thing at all interests you! Now for those of you that didn't follow the discourse last week, the original game was re-released on Steam for free, and this website had a countdown timer on it...Fans were freaking out trying to figure out what it was for (countdown timers have been used in the past, but then just turned out to be merchandise) and finally, just this past Wednesday, we got confirmation that it was going to be a new game! I'm still in shock over it, what a surprise!! Whether it will be good or not is up in the air until it comes out, but I'm inspired just by the presentation of it--a rebirth of a franchise by an elusive creator that hasn't been heard from in fourteen years!! It's a simple thing, but fills me with hope for the future.

I guess I'll wrap things up here. I can't guarantee more updates soon, but the site is in my thoughts! Things are probably going to still be a bit chaotic between work and personal things (I'm still on the hunt for another job, and I just signed up for an exercise class recently, lol) but I hope to at least make a little time to continue updating here! Until next time, here's a Yume Nikki fan art I did in celebration of the news~ :)

1/12/2018 - "Sleepy"

Hey everybody! How is the new year treating you~? Has the weather been very strange where you live? Because it's absolutely crazy here. We had almost a week of below-zero weather--you would step outside and it would feel like your face would fall off! But now we're having a heat wave of 50-60 degrees for the next few days. And then another burst of below-zero days after that. Really strange weather for where I live. It's so tempermental!

Anyways, uh...I don't have much to report on. I just felt the need to write for some reason. My insomnia has been really bad this past week so I haven't had much motivation to do anything, be it personal projects for fun or for work. I'm trying to get 'back on the horse' and get myself back on track though, because at the end of the day I really do hate being unproductive. I just wish I didn't feel awful like...75% of the time. I had a check-up with the doctor this week and she was impressed with how healthy I was (besides anxiety/depression and insomnia) so I guess my issues truly are mental...

I still have hope that 2018 will be a good year though. I'm trying really hard to stay positive! There are a lot of little things happening that will hopefully be worth it (like fandom stuff, haha) that I try to remind myself about when things get tough. I'm attempting to take steps towards getting my life in a proper direction in terms of my career--I'm starting to plan some new web-design projects to possibly use in a portfolio? Idk if I'm quite good enough yet to truly pursue that, but I have some ideas. I'd use this site, but I think it's just a bit too personal. This place really has become a safe haven on the internet for me, so I'm unsure how public I want to be about it. I've ditched most of my social media in the past months, but always find myself happy when I come here. My friends think I've gone crazy, they act like I'll just die without a tumblr account, lol. But honestly, I think it's so freeing! I'm content with my decision, even if it's a little isolating.

Ah geez, sorry if I sound kind of cranky today, lol. XD Things are going just fine, really! (Besides me not sleeping) I'm in the mood to make a new shrine page as my next project on here...I'm just going back-and-forth on what it'll be on. It will be a surprise~ Hopefully next time I make an entry, it will be more interesting! XD

1/4/2018 - "Lonely Snowstorm"

It's my first blog post in the year 2018--how exciting!

I hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve~ I had dinner with old friends. We had some drinks, played DDR and watched old Youtube videos. Followed up with brunch and mimosas in the morning...Basically, we re-created our old sleepovers, just with alcohol, LOL. XD It was really nice!

I got up super early this morning because, for once, I actually slept through the night! My insomnia makes my sleep schedule so weird, ugh. But it's amazing how good I feel when I finally get enough hours in! But today is boring...We're in the middle of a giant snowstorm again. We already have snow on the ground, but we're getting like 12 more inches of it. This is pretty standard for the East coast, so I should be used to it, but it's kind of depressing to be trapped inside. It makes me so lazy! Hence why I'm updating this blog instead of doing something more productive, haha. :p I keep telling myself that this would have been a blessing when I was still in highschool--we used to do all sorts of silly rituals to try to "make" a snowday happen, like sleeping with your pajamas inside out and putting a spoon under your pillow (Did anyone else do that...??)

This month is (hopefully) going to be really busy. I really need to update my resume/portfolio and start applying to some proper jobs...It's so overwhelming when you're not 100% sure what kind of job you're even looking for though. The boss I have at my part-time job has offered to give me some advice concerning my portfolio on the side (which is very kind of her, I'm grateful), and she's basically suggested I have like three different portfolios for each of my interests--which is a great idea, but it's going to take quite a bit of time to do that, and my parents really want me moved out of the house within the next year or so, so I need a proper wage ASAP. I've basically lost interest in what I studied at college, so I feel sort of trapped in this weird place now, unsure of how to move on. Idk. Adulting is hard.

On top of general health issues I've had all my life, making progress is slow going...but I'd like to think it's still happening, even if just in small ways. It feels selfish, but I hope I still have time to make things for myself in the coming months. I have lots of ideas for my site here, as always! I hope some of you have found some enjoyment in my Memoirs, it's goofy but I really enjoy writing it! I'd like to make more shrines at some point, but it takes a lot of time and research to put together a good one, so it's on hold for now. I think I'm really going to push myself to write more this year, too--just writing articles and whatnot for this site has me back in the practice, so I think I can return to creating fic and maybe even some original stuff too!

The world in general feels crushing right now, so it's hard to imagine the future when there's a good chance we'll probably be nuked and not be here?! Sorry this post is so gloomy, life has been okay lately but there's still this sense of overwhelming dread that I can't seem to shake. It's hard when the world is at the political state it's in rn. But, I'll end with this--I'm happy that I can share this virtual moment in this small space here. It might be stupid escapism, but I think it's really special to find some kind of enjoyment and connection online...even if in the long run it doesn't mean anything, if you feel something while looking at things I create, I'm happy. Guess I'm still just as moody and sentimental as I was last week, lmao!

12/28/2017 - "Happy (Almost) New Year~!"

Hiya everybody~! I hope everyone had a great holiday~ We had a huge snowstorm Christmas Eve night, which led to my family being snowed in... so we stayed inside and didn't have any of our usual Christmas Day visitors. .__. It was okay though! I got some clothes I ordered on Black Friday from some artists I admire (an Ocean in Space t-shirt, leggings from Gloomth, a killer Johnny the Homicidal Maniac tshirt from Redbubble), and my parents surprised me with a Happy Light. I swear, that Happy Light is keeping me sane in this awful winter weather, lolol. My area is in a record-breaking cold spell right now that's going to last until next week--seriously, it's like only 5 degrees outside right now. My poor chickens...

Anyways, because things have been so quiet here at home, I've gotten a lot done on my site! I've created a splash page, added music, and a brand new section (which by now you've probably already seen) called Memoirs of an Internet Junkie, where I share my memories of growing up on the internet. It's an idea I've actually had for a good while, that I've kept in a notebook jotting down notes for...but I didn't know what to do with all this information I had, until it hit me that I could share it here! It's something I'm really excited about--I've found that I have so many feelings about what I'm writing because the internet is like my second home. I still have a lot of anxiety around the fate of the internet today, thanks to the whole Net Neutrality repeal...so part of me hopes that it can someday act as a kind of time capsule for others to enjoy. I'm working hard on it, so I'm hoping it will be interesting for one of you out there!

With New Year's around the corner, I'm feeling especially sentimental...The last few years have been just awful for me tbh, but I find that I'm at crossroads now--since I'm finally finished with college and taking steps into proper "adulthood"...I'm trying to stay hopeful that maybe things will get better from here on. Here are my resolutions~!
~ Try to be more active and exercise regularly
~ Consume more media that I enjoy and find things to be excited about, be inspired
~ Try to have a "less is more" approach while shopping, especially for things I like to collect like toys and clothes. Start supporting smaller brands/designers/artists rather than big names/fast fashion brands
~ MAKE THINGS! Anything! (But I really need to focus on my professional portfolio, return to sewing more often, and maybe even write that book I've been planning for so long)

Yeesh, what a long update, lol. Thanks for reading this far! Also, a big thank you for 6,000 views! Seriously! I'm without words at this point, you guys come and visit before I can properly celebrate! Thank you so much!! I hope you all have a happy new year--let's make many new memories together in the new year~!

12/20/2017 - "It's almost Christmas!"

Obligatory seasonal mood music. D-Don't judge me ok...

Hi everybody! Whoa, it's almost Christmas time! I still have wrapping to do, lol... I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday, full of warm memories, good food, and presents~!

Anyways, I hate to begin this blog off with such a gloomy topic, but I really feel that I should say a few words on it...In case you've been living under a rock, net neutrality has officially been repealed. There has been so much said over this topic across all social media, but personally I am so heartbroken. It might be kind of cringy to admit, but my entire life has been affected by the internet. I consider it like a second home, depsite all of its short-comings. To try to control and channel what should be a free and open space is such an injustice! Please, if this topic has moved you as much as its moved me, check out these resources for contacting congress! There's still a chance that the can save the internet! Battle for the Net Dear FCC Resistbot

My site recently passed over 4,000 views! How crazy! I'm not totally sure who would want to look at my silly site, haha...but I'm grateful! I've showed it to friends and family, and some like it, but others look at it in confusion. "What is this? What's the point? Does anyone even see all the hard work you've been doing?" I've been asked. But now I can confidently say "Yes! People do actually look at it!" :') So thank you to everyone out there reading this--it really does bring me so much joy!

I should probably be planning something special for the big 5,000 milestone...I'm not totally sure what I'll do yet, but I have some ideas. I'm planning to create something special concerning my relationship with the internet, so here's hoping that the government's plans for the 'net don't intervene before then!

Anyways,think I've ranted enough, hehe~ Enjoy the music! Merry (early) Christmas~~!!

12/3/2017 - "Happy December!"

Hi friends! Welcome to my shiny new blog page~ When I started my site here on Neocities, I didn't plan on bothering to make one of these... but, as I tend to isappear for periods of time on the net, I thought I could use this place to give occasional updates. I'm not sure if anyone will actually be interested in this, but...this is my site after all, and I'll blog if I want to, dammit! :P

So anyways, I guess I'll start off by apologizing for so suddenly disappearing from Neocities. I wish I was a more dependable person, but I find as soon as my real-life starts getting busy/stressful, I tend to withdraw and don't socialize much online... I get burnt out really easy due to both physical and mental health issues, so I hope my friends here can be patient with me when I become quiet! I'm really happy that I've joined this site, though! Overall I think it's such a cool and positive place, so I'm grateful for it~ And, now that I'm back and feeling better, I have lots of ideas and motivation for my site! So I hope to continue work on it~ ^^

As for what I've been doing while I was away, well...It wasn't all that interesting, lol. Thanksgiving recently passed here in America--just preparing for that took an entire week, ugh. My family had a record-breaking family dinner of 19 people ...I peeled nine pounds of potatoes for us to eat--it was so crazy! In the end, it was fun, and nice to reconnect with some distant cousins of mine, but I'm really glad it's over...lol.

Otherwise, I've been working more hours at my part time job, while attempting to sneak in a little bit of time for my hobbies. Drew quite a bit for the first time in awhile! Also I just started sewing again this week--I think this is the first time I've sewn a garment since finishing my fashion design degree back in May. Studying what used to be my main hobby caused me to hate it, so I'm hoping now that I'm out of school I can form a more positive relationship with it. I'm so excited for Christmas this year!! It'll be my first holiday not having to do homework!

I'll end this entry with a photo of some of the drawings I've finished in the past month. And I guess I'll plug my Insta account too...