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Dream Girlfriend is a mobile game that's part dating sim, part dress-up gacha game. Create a "girlfriend", name her, give her a personality type, and dress her up. Create outfits and dress up other players' girlfriends in "reccomendations". This is my gallery of my favorite outfits I've dressed my girlfriends in! Click on each picture to see it full-size in a new window.

My girlfriends
(named after American Mcgee's Alice)
Daniella (named after Daniella from Haunting Ground)
Momoko (named after Momoko Ryugasaki from Shimotsuma Monogatari)

NOTE: Because of this game's suggestive nature, some outfits may be a bit lewd
or "adult"...nothing X-rated, but expect cartoon lady cleavage.

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Whimsical Prince

I've had this prince outfit sitting in my closet for ages now. It's an MR outfit I got in the 2020 "Love Story" event gacha. I loved this event a lot--but for some reason I was wasn't inspired by this piece until now. I finally made a dreamy and atmospheric look with it using the background items from the latest "Precious Memories" event gacha. The story is meeting a flamboyant prince at a carnival~

The rabbit ear headpiece is from the recent Step-Up gacha campaign. I used the very last of my bought-NP to get it...I think it was a good choice! I can see myself using it in a lot of different outfits!

Midnight Festival

Making use of this lovely kimono and hair that were prizes from the Febraury 2021 "Precious Memories" event. This hair is sooo cool--idk if you can tell from the preview, but it has clouds printed on it~ The hydrangea-printed kitsune mask is from the October 2020 "When The Rain Subsides" event gacha...it compliments it surprisingly well!

I genuinely can't remember what the background is from. I think it's from before 2020--before I started playing regularly, lol.

Gingerbread Doll

A wintery-themed outfit using the Motion-Rare from the 2021 Valentine's Day event gacha. I don't typically like to use frames with my outfits, but this window scene is cute. I like the cozy atmosphere! Somehow, I feel like this came out very Christmas-y...I'll probably save it to give out holiday-themed reccs next year.

Also my first use of the "dolly" face style that was released as the Midway Prize during the 2021 Valentine's event! I love it so much, it was 100% worth the NP. Will definitely be using it as my default face for future outfits.

Magical Bunny

Managed to snag these cute magical girl ~transformation~ ribbons from the "Mage Girlfriend" series going on in the NP gacha rn! I was super excited to make an outfit with them, but I didn't really find anything in my closet that suited it...? I ended up going with this bunny suit costume from 2020's Easter event. Finding accessories that matched the rainbow color palette was surprisingly tricky...

Still, even if this outfit isn't very flashy (aka full of "rare" items), I think it's a good use of stuff I never use. Like those silly flying bunnies I got from the Limited Shop, lol~

Velvet Boudoir

My use of the very lewd Midway prize of the 2021 Valentine's Day event...! Tbh, I wasn't super jazzed about this year's Valentine's outfits, but this was definitely the cutest of the set. (I really only spent the NP to get the dolly face...) I think it really suits my yandere character. The animation is a bit weird, though? She jiggles around like she's sitting on a water, bed, lmao....

Sunset At The Farm

A simple outfit using items from a farm-themed special in the Synthesis shop. It's just gender-neutral enough for crossdressing and tomboyish characters, so I find myself using it in reccs a lot. I loooove the hanging herbs decoration in the background, and it kind of bums me out that I can't find more ways to coordinate it!

Also, the derpy goats are a recent addition--from the "Harvest Fantasia" event of November 2020. I really like them, though! They're so goofy looking, haha~

Lunar Shrine

Here's my outfit using the kimono that was given as a login prize for the Lunar New Year~ On a side note: I loooove these bangs I got from the 2021 Valentines event--the blue streaks are so cool! I tried to create a traditional shrine scene...but I've never visited a shrine, so I'm not really sure what they look like. The background decor pieces were prizes from the 2021 New Year Event.

Pink Bride

I got this beautiful wedding dress from the June 2020 app pack. My first time buying an app pack! I try not to be the kind of person who throws their wallet at gacha games, but when I saw this outfit, my jaw literally dropped. It's so stunning! I really love it~

I'm still not fully sold on the hair with this outfit, though. Idk...I've changed it a bunch of times, but I haven't fully settled on the perfect look yet. Hopefully the "perfect" hair will come along someday~

Silverscreen Diva

So I got this vintage-looking film roll frame from the February 2020 "Precious Memories" event, and thought it was so cool--but I wasn't sure what sort of outfit would pair well with it...I ended up going with this Chinese-inspired dress from June 2020's "Gothic Girlfriend & The Mystery Mansion" event. When I first got this dress, I'll admit, I didn't love it--I felt like it didn't pair well with the European lolita style of the event's theme at all--but I'm glad I finally put it to use here.

The vibe I was going for was "glamorous and bitchy old Hollywood star in between takes on set", but...I think I just made her look like some sort of madame... *snort*