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Looking to contact me...? The best way to quickly get in touch with me is to leave a note on my site
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If you're looking to send me a more long-form message, you're welcome to email me.

Otherwise, I don't have much of an online presence these days.
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C y b e r s p a c e F r i e n d s. . .
Just a smattering of my favorite sites across Neocities !

Ita Email My Heart Savvy Butterfly

Castle Cyberskull Yup Thats Me Swamp

SuperCupcakeTactics My Shitty World

To get a clearer picture of everyone I like on Neocities, check out my 'Following' page.

R e s o u r c e s. . .

Neocities.org - The wonderful place where I host my site!

Notepad++ - The coding program I use to make my website.

W3Schools - The classic HTML/CSS tutorial site that just about everyone uses. Seriously, it's great--they've got a section for just about anything! Some of my favorite sections that I used to make this site: how to set an image as a background, how to make a div container, and all about making links.

CSS codes for animated text - Free CSS code for animated text by Leonarnott. So cool! (But I'm too stupid to figure out how it works, lol)

88x31 button collection by AN Lucas - A collection of old-school buttons and banners curated by AN Lucas, that you can decorate your site with. What a blast from the past!

88x31 button collection by Dannarchy - Another collection of 90s internet banners, curated by Dann.

Glitter-Graphics - This was like...the ultimate 'pimp your myspace' website back in the day--and it's still online! (I used it way back when, and then again for this website) It's great for little pixels, gifs, dividers, dollz, backgrounds, etc. There's a lot of content for just about everything!

Gifcities - An archive of gifs used on Geocities. Handy if you're trying to create the perfect retro-aesthetic for your site!

Sozai Web Graphics - A lot of the cutesy pixels I use around my site have been collected in my tween years from Japanese 'sozai' web graphic communities (I used to click around blindly on these sites that I couldn't read for hours, lol). This page is a great collection of many of these old sites, along with English guides on how to navigate them. Unfortunately, due to the passage of time, a lot of these sites are now offline, but there's still some available, so I think it's still worth checking out!

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - A collection of pixels and graphics put together by Bonnibel.

Pixel-Soup on Tumblr - Tumblr is a great place to find pixels and transparent images, and this one happens to be my favorite. It's organized so nicely!

Creative Commons Search - A search engine that allows you to search for stock images, music, video, etc. (I use this for work a lot)

Nice Smilies.com An archive of an old graphics site just for smilies and emoticons...in case you need to emote!

Arkm's Webby Links - All kinds of nifty resources and links for graphics, fonts, and other computer-related goodies, curated by arkmsworld. There is so much content in this list of links--seriously, go check this out!

N o s t a l g i a. . .

Archive.org - One of the handiest tools on the net! The 'Wayback Machine' lets you archive webpages to be preserved for years to come. You can also search for existing URLs to see if anyone has archived them. It's been something I've used a lot for my memoirs, and also for preserving old versions of this site itself!

"One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age" blog - An awesome project that archives and studies webpages and web design of the early internet! It's a fascinating read--and if you like this sort of thing, and want to look at more retro Geocities sites, you should definitely check out its related tumblr, and this mini-documentary/interview with the creators on Youtube.

{404}Page Found! - There are several projects out there dedicated to archiving and curating old websites, but I chose to present this one in particular because it focuses on finding old sites that are actually still online. It's just a little more satisfying (to me, personally) to be able to click through and enjoy an actual site, and not just a mirrored version of it. And it's organized by date!

Vidlii - A video hosting site that's a clone of old-school Youtube. Complete with full profile customization, just like in the good old days!

FriendProject - Another clone of a famous retro-internet service--this time for Myspace! If you wanna relive a scene queen fantasy, this is where you can get your fix.

AIM Phoenix - A chatting client meant to replicate the experience of using AOL Instant Messenger.

Windows 93 - I'm not totally sure what to describe this as (a game of sorts...?) but this website is a cheeky, interactive experience of an old Windows computer. There's so many little details packed into this thing! A great time waster for an afternoon.

Bash.org - A collection of funny quotes from old IRC chatrooms over the years. I like reading the jokes people were making ages ago--it's interesting to compare the similarities and differences in internet culture then vs. now.

The 90s Button - Exactly what it says on the tin. Press the button, get a super rad song from the 90s!

In The 2000s - A forum about nostalgia. Even though the date in the title says "2000s", there's sections for eras as far back as the 70s! There's some interesting musings pinned to the homepage--even some thoughts about nostalgic internet culture!

'Rugrats Online' fansite - A very old fansite for the cartoon show Rugrats. This is one of the very first fandom-related things that I can remember experiencing online as a kid! Somehow, it still looks exactly the same as it did back then...but, I figure the Neocities community is the right place to share this sort of thing. Revel in the old-school HTML tables and crusty jpegs! The last time it was updated was back in 2007...the creator's goodbye note that says "I have lost interest in anything post-Dil" just sends me!

F u n & G a m e s. . .

Neopets - Do I even have to explain this one...? LOL~ But...maybe some of you out are from younger generations who didn't grow up with this iconic web browser game (and didn't want to sit through me waxing poetic about how much I love it in my memoirs) Neopets is a virtual pet game where you can adopt fantastical critters, feed them, play games, and sooo much more!

Lemonade Stand Game - If you were in grade school or middle school in the early 2000s, then you definitely played this game in the computer lab!

Stick RPG game - When I was a tween, I found this game on a site dedicated to free flash games. It's a fairly simple concept (as the name implies, the art is...stick figures, lol) but somehow it had this hypnotizing affect on me...? I sunk way too many hours playing as this little stick dude, levelling him up to see if there was a way to finally "win" at the game. I never discovered if it had an actual ending or not...? (If you manage to somehow beat this game, please tell me about how it ends, because I'm dying to know!

This is Sand - Play with virtual sand. Pile it up and change the color to make interesting shapes. (This reminds me so much of those sand art bottles that were popular at fairs and carnivals when I was a kid!)

'Syoujonoheya' Gothic Lolita Guro Dress-up Game - A soft warning!! for pixel nudity, body horror, implication of fetish themes (bondage gear), and optional blood and guts. A little dress-up game with a dark gothic theme. I don't know Japanese so I don't know what anything says, but the art style is very beautiful~!

Sporcle: Trivia Quizzes - A huge database of trivia quizzes and challenges to play. Waste some time by learning a fun fact~ There's even multiplayer games to show off your knowledge in real time!

Create a Virtual Galaxy by 29a.ch - A calming interactive webpage that lets you click and drag to create a sparkling galaxy~!

Console Living Room - A collection of retro videogames hosted on archive.org, for a bunch of different old consoles. Most games are playable in your browser window, so there's no download required! I love the Sega Genesis section~

Old Games Download - Another collection of old games, this time including more platforms, like PC games. I've found this site really helpful for remembering obscure kids games I played on the PC in the 90s! (But I have to admit, I've tried to download some of these games but I can't figure out how to get them to work...)

S p o o k y & O c c u l t . . .

WARNING: Some links in this section may be frightening, intense, and possibly triggering.
Some may have flashing images and loud sounds. While most listed are just fine, if you're senstive, please click with caution!

Biddy Tarot - An online community dedicated to learning tarot. Apparently you can also get free readings done by tarot students. I only use the free resources here (like the tarot card meanings) so I can't vouch for any of the paid content...but their explanations are clear and easy to understand. This site has helped me so much in the past few years, when I started seriously learning tarot!

Witchipedia - A giant encyclopedia for everything Wicca/witchcraft. I believe it's a giant community-run Wiki page sort of deal. There's info on deities, traditions, herbs, flowers, crystals, and ideas for spells--just about everything that you can think of! I mostly use it to double-check my herb and flower symbolism.

Sacred Texts Archive - An archive of digital copies and free downloads of religious texts and mythological tales from around the world, including Pagan and occult texts.

Magic, Spells and Potions with StarFields - Someone's personal webpage about witchcraft and magick. It's super retro and colorful--a fun little thing to poke around and explore. I love the virtual wishing well~!

Cafe Astrology - Everything astrology! Get a free copy of your natal chart, learn about the placement of the planets, and try compatibility tests between signs.

Dream Moods - An online dictionary of dream symbolism. I've been using this site to learn about dreams and dream symbolism since I was a teenager--it's looked the same for over a decade now, haha. But it's really helpful. It's taught me everything I know about dreams!

Kindertrauma blog - A horror movie blog. It's original concept was sharing reader-submitted stories about pieces of media that scared them as children, but it's slowly grown into a blog about the horror genre in general. I used to read this blog religiously, and I'm really glad that it's still active today. I've hunted down some spooky stuff from my childhood thanks to the community it's created, and introduced me to some of my favorite movies, like Hausu!

Robert the Doll - The official homepage for Robert the doll, a cursed doll that resides in a museum in Key West, Florida. Read his story, buy some merchandise (?) I can personally attest to this doll being creepy af-- went on a family vacation to Key West as a teenager and saw him in person. 10/10 was probably cursed.

Ted's Cave - An old-school internet classic! The infamous creepypasta-esque website about a guy named Ted who explores a cave. If you're a yougin' who's never read this, give it a look!

Shaye Saint John's homepage - "HELLO AGAIN!!" This is an archived version of the personal homepage of decapitated mannequin diva Shaye Saint John. A warning for loud autoplay signs and flashing images! Another creepy internet legend that was popular to pass around back in the day--which is sadly being erased from history, as Shaye's profiles across the internet are being taken down. She still lives on in the hearts of fans, though. Who could ever forget about the hand thing?!

Yvette's Bridal Dresses - A wesbite for a formal dress shop...sort of. Another warning for autoplay music, super bright colors, and flashing images. The homepage shows photos of wedding dresses and prom gowns, but the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the more you realize that this website isn't about a dress shop...This analysis by Atrocity Guide explains it better than I do!

SCP Wiki - Secure. Contain. Protect. The classic creepypasta-esque website about an organization that obtains mysterious, cursed, and otherwise undrescribable objects, creatures, and even places. I remember the fear I felt when I was like, 13 and reading SCP-173 for the very first time!

Petit Tube - A website that finds Youtube video with zero or just a handful of views. A place to find really obscure stuff. Usually it's just trivial clips though--like someone's personal family vacation tapes, or an accidental shot of somebody's floor, etc. But sometimes you'll click through long enough to see something that makes you go "...huh?"

Tail O' The Rat's Quest for the 'Crack Monster' - In June of 2008, a cartoonist made a blog post about a Sesame Street cartoon that frightened them as a child in the 70s. It was a little girl looking at the cracks in her walls, and imaginging all sorts of shapes and creatures...eventually coming upon a "crack monster", which is a huge scary face in her wall. Tons of people came across the blog post and had their own experience with the short--you can read how the story slowly comes together and the clues are pieced together in the comment section and each blog update...So many clamoured to see the crack monster, and they eventually did, as it was found and put on Youtube for all to enjoy in 2017! :')

Lost Media Wiki - A wiki for documenting and hunting down mysterious and lost pieces of media. From scrapped TV show pitches, deleted scenes from movies, and unfinished videogames, there's details and clues listed for all things discarded and lost. Here's a couple of cool articles to get you started: the "clock man" cartoon, lost Rugrats storyboard jam (NSFW!!!), and the Japanese PC game Garage: Bad Dream Adventure.