Everskies is a browser game that lets you customize pixel dolls as your avatar. Play games and chat in the forums in order to gain currency to buy new clothes. There's also an option for custom designs--users can draw their own outfits and submit them for others to buy and wear. The game officially "launched" to the public after being in a beta phase around the end of January 2021, so the community is still growing!

Date joined: Jan 5, 2021
Username: plastic_alice
Please only add me if you're 18+!

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Chuu~ Valentines Neko

Feb 8th 2021

My outfit for the very first competition after beta--for the 2021 Valentine's Day Competition~! I really wasn't sure how to approach making an outfit for this event, it being my very first contest and all...The community hasn't been in place long enough to determine what's considered "trendy" there, lol. But I ended up going with my tried-and-true method of throwing a lot of sh*t on and hoping it makes a flashy impression. The balloons in the background and other heart motif items were new to the shops in celebration of the event, so I made sure to include them!

At the end of the day, I ranked #1388 in the competition! It's not a terribly impressive score, but I still got some prizes, so I'm content. :p

Dewy Morning

Feb 7th 2021

An outfit built around these adorable dandelion print jeans. ~*cottagecore*~ vibes. The crescent moon background deco really pulls it together--I got it from the daily scratchy.

Small details that are easily unnoticed that I really like: the little green plant sprouts on my head, and the tartan tube top I have on under this sheer button-down.

Moth Princess

Jan 30th 2021

I feel like this character would meet you at the edge of a fairy ring, or in a hollow tree, to beckon you to the land of elves...or something. :p

This is a weird mish-mash of items, but I feel like it works. These items are a different hue than a lot of the other items available, so trying to make the color scheme look balanced was tricky. This dress and flower crown are so stunning!

On a side note: I looove the versatility of this face! It has a very high fashion look to it, I think--and it's easy to change the mood of it with makeup!

Spider Baby

Jan 29th 2021

Ok, I...don't really know what's going on here, okay? It's just a vibe. lmaoooo~

This outfit started with this pink heart makeup--so I started collecting items and building the look around that. I had also just discovered how far the layering system could go (and apparently that's quite far!) and got very into the idea of how things would look piled on top of each other. I just collected things from the store I liked, and tried to group things together that had a similar color scheme...

The final product was this thing. She has lamb ears but also spider legs and a...snake?! I don't know!!

Crybaby Devil

Jan 25th 2021

I really like the items with custom hands--they add a lot more personality to your avatar. Only downside is, is that it limits your choices in accessories...But this baggy sweater is so cute! As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make an outfit with it.

It hadn't been long since the game officially launched at this point, so shops were still a bit bare...So I stuck with a monochrome color scheme.

I had a big debate with myself whether or not the drippy tears should have gone in front or behind the sweater sleeve--I ended up going with in front, and I think the final effect is cool!

Wicked Angel

Jan 24th 2021

My very first outfit after the official launch!

I didn't have a clear concept with this. I think the first things I bought were the teddy bear and this crazy eyeball face. I just started to collect items around those...and came up with this. It's simple, but I do like it a lot! I think this sort of character would make a cool drawing!