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Welcome to my internet time capsule

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The internet.

It's how you're here, reading the words on this page right now. In this day and age, it's a regular part of life--wake up, check your email, check your social media, bitch on Twitter about how long your commute is taking, Google a new recipe to try for dinner or the hours of that store downtown...Being connected is literally a normal lifestyle now--and it's so wonderfully convenient and helpful! But it wasn't always quite that way.

As someone that was introduced to the internet when it was still rather young, before it was cool to plaster all of your personal information onto your Instagram and Facebook, I can easily say that my memories of the internet feel wildly different from the culture we have here today. (Yikes, I sound like a grouchy old lady saying that, haha) But as a starry-eyed kid, it was a magical place that helped form the person I am today. My interests, my humor, my morals...for better or for worse, the internet was the playground where I felt safe to express myself and explore my identity.

In December 2017, the Federal Communications Commission has repealed the Net Neutrality act for the US...at the time of writing, this action is still being voted on by Congress, so it's unsure of what will happen in the coming months. But to me it's been a call to action--to try to preserve and record these special memories of mine. It might be more of an act of screaming into an empty void, but maybe someone out there will enjoy this and be able to relate.

So here's to this beautiful and strange thing we call the Internet--what connects us all over the world and offers so much opportunity. Journey with me as a document the places I haunted during my internet career, and share some of my favorite memories!

I plan to update this area with new articles when I can, so be sure to visit again!