Here is the transcribed version of my Powerpets story! I think I wrote it somewhere around 10 or 11 years old. I fixed a few spelling errors (and put in paragraph breaks--apparently I didn't understand how paragraphs worked back then, lol), but here it is in all of its glory, for your viewing (and possibly cringing) pleasure...

Iceness frantically looked for a place to hide. She had invited some friends over to play hide n' seek. Just as Iceness reached the top of the stairs, Opal shouted "Ready or I come!"

She dashed across the hallway and into the bathroom. She slipped into the tiny place under the sink and waited for Opal. Iceness heard the spoiled collie say "I know you're in there Iceness."

Between the grooming supplies and bath toys, Iceness noticed a small trap door. Not wanting to be noticed, the white ferret slipped through it and landed on what looked like a beach. Iceness looked in awe at her surroundings. In back of her was a sparkling ocean, and in front of her was a beautiful castle made of ice that never seemed to melt under the hot sun.

She curiously walked into the castle. Iceness's reflection bounced onto the castle walls. "Cool," she breathed as she approached a large levitating diamond. She placed her paws onto its cold surface. To her surprise, it began to glow!

Iceness's reflection changed. It showed her draped in silver jewelry, a thick silver bracelet with a large sapphire on each wrist, and a dainty tiara on her head. But what really amazed Iceness was the wings. Feathery white wings tipped in a light blue sprouted from her back. The reflection faded away and the diamond began to flash pictures at Iceness. A large snow storm while white dragons danced around, the dragons getting attacked by fire dogs, and a little hatchling escaping with a tiny white ferret on his back.

A sudden gust of wind hit Iceness, carrying a soft but deep voice saying "You are the ice princess, protector of ice and snow. Opal must be stopped". She began to remember her past, the dragons dancing at her birth, the attack of the fire dogs, and Dareath, the dragon who saved her from them. Lastly, she remembered Opal, who was the flame princess.

"Do you remember, Iceness?" asked a deep voice from behind her. Iceness spun around.

"Dareath!" she cried, "Oh Dareath, thank you! I remember now!"

"But it wasn't me who powered the seeing crystal," said Dareath, pointing to the diamond, "It was you. The power inside of you activated it and made you remember your past. Opal's coming so go outside and stop her before she ends the last of eternal winter."

"Alright Dareath, thank you again," said Iceness and she dashed out of the castle and onto the beach. She saw Opal wearing a long grass skirt, tons of gold jewelry, and thick bracelets like Iceness except these were made of gold and rubies. She also had orange feathery wings sprouting from her back.

"Oh, hello Iceness," said Opal happily, "I see you know who you really are, so now we can really get this party started." Opal shot a fiery blast at Iceness.

"Ow!" yelped Iceness who shot back at Opal with an ice crystal.

"Ha, you're no match for me!" she said laughing evilly.

Iceness realized that Opal was too strong for any normal ice attack.

"Die you!" shouted Iceness raising her paws in the air. Her bracelets began to glow as a mini blizzard formed behind her. She thrust herself forward letting the blizzard shoot her into Opal. She rammed Opal and shot her over the ocean. When the blizzard died down the ocean was frozen and a thick sheet of snow covered the ground. The eternal winter had come back for good.