Welcome to the
Personal Ancedotes

This is where I ramble on about all of my personal stories and headcannons regarding the Alice series, and share anything I've made like fan art, etc.
(Please note that some of this is wildly embarrasing: between content I made as a child to
open-fangirling about my waifu, there's bound to be some cringe. But I want this site to be
totally honest, so...deal with it, lol.)

The Merch Collection

Alice has gotten a lot of merchandise over the years, and while my collection is pretty humble, I'm happy with what I've managed to find. I'm not the sort of collector that just has to buy every single item with their waifu slapped on it - I've found that as I've gotten older, I've actually become quite picky... Anyways, here's a detailed report of what I have right now, and a wishlist of things I'd like to get someday!

click here to see the merch collection ~
(still under construction. coming soon!!)

The Fan Art Gallery

All my life I've drawn shitty cartoons - and for about half my life, I've been drawing Alice! I can't promise any sort of quality, but I've picked out some of my most memorable drawings for a fan art gallery.

click here to see the art gallery ~