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This is my digital playground--a place where I express myself and teach myself web design...my humble hide-away from the mainstream internet. Come in and have a looky-loo! Be sure to check every nook and cranny, because there are surprises hidden everywhere~! When you're done exploring, be sure to leave me a note in my guestbook and tell me your thoughts!

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Update Log

11/16/2021 - New homepage layout!!! Finally, something I've been meaning to do for ages--it desperately needed some tweaks, and additions of webrings and such that I failed to include in my past versions. I'm most excited about the new custom cursor that leaves a trail of sparkles, and the carousel of banners/stamps on the sidebars. Refresh your page a few times and check out the combinations it makes! It's fun!

4/5/2021 It's been a hot minute since I've last updated! I'm still writing in my diary, albeit a bit less often these days. I just added a new section to my site's archive, to commemorate all of the work I put into my site during 2020. Here's to another exciting year!

3/12/2021 - My little cloud has officially joined The Yesterweb Ring~! My badge of honor is now at the bottom of this page--check it out and click the "next" link to go visit the other members! Site-wise, I'm still working on some stuff behind the scenes. For now, have a new diary entry.

3/9/2021 - My page for the mobile game Dream Girlfriend is finally live! I've also updated the links in the Doll Atelier--all of the buttons should be fully functional now, and I've also added some links to new friends and their doll pages~ :) Been keeping up with updating the diary and the notepad...though updates may slow down a bit: now that I'm a functioning adult with a job again, I've had a lot less free time to code.