8 / 1 / 2020 -

Happy August~! (I'm so early with making this new section, that it's still technically July!)

I'm having Many Thoughts about the internet again. The trials involving the Big Bois of Social Media has had me thinking about the lliminal-ness of cyberspace again. I think most people (at least us folks on Neocities) have already "been knew" about the issues surrounding social media giants for years now. But it's just....very interesting when the people behind those giant companies get caught in their own lies on camera.

But will any change actually come from this event? Hard to say. I'm doubtful. I feel like the general population is still a slave to all of these websites: Youtube and Twitter still have me shackled to them, unfortunately. And I imagine that this internet addiction problem is even worse for other people! There's a nagging worry that I can never get rid of, a tiny voice that wonders "What if, one day, one of these social media companies decide to shut down? Or charge for their use? Or make some kind of change that renders them impossible to use by the average person?!"

I've really gotta finish my shrine to digital archiving so I can ramble about this topic at length, and not clutter my diary with it, lol. I've got like 3 different articles for it almost complete, and a rough layout put together, I'm just getting hung up on creating the navigation... (It's been quite awhile since I updated the rest of my site besides my diary...I haven't forgotten about it, I promise!)

Finally, I got an email saying I was accepted into that certificate program!! Still a little unsure about my transcripts being accepted, though --I got an email telling me to take a math placement test, but I took two math classes at my old school, so I'm trying to get out of it...But I should be receiving a phone call next week about finalizing my class schedule and stuff. Guess I can ask about it then. I'm a little nervous, but I'll try to enjoy being a student again. (And at least now my parents will finally get off my back about going back to school...!)

I got about ~5 boxes of old junk out of storage and into my mom's car. Will be taking it to the animal shelter for their yard sale this evening. I'm happy to finally see this stuff go (it's just been sitting in there for ages) but I'm still a little frustrated, because it seems like I barely made a dent in the mess. I've come to realize that the majority of my part of the horde is now my huge fabric stash and craft supplies...so I guess I either need to find a proper place to donate that sort of thing--or get sewing again, ha.

Been having some fears about a second COVID wave approaching. One of my cousins got exposed at work and had to get tested. They're fine, thankfully, but it's sobering news. My brother's school (Ermm, well it's not really a school, but it kinda feels like one. It's a day program for disabled people) that he used to attend part-time is opening back up--but mom's afraid to send him. My friend in education has been talking about all of the precautions her school is taking to try to keep everyone safe...Even if the numbers in my area are still fairly low, there's this increasing sense of dread. I think we all know that it's going to get rough when winter hits...

Money's tight, but I started making a list of things I want to buy in the coming month. I've been looking over my possessions and thinking if I can afford it, I should have a back-up of the most important things, just incase. Things like headphones, medicine, socks, etc. I keep hearing about all of these shortages: since our washing machine broke, we've heard there's a shortage on appliances. My friend said some sodas are missing at the grocery store because of an aluminium shortage. The supply chain's all messed up in general--I had read this all the way back in February, but the quiet summer had lulled me into a sense of false peace.

As for right now, though, life is okay: I'm still playing lots of Dead By Daylight and going swimming every evening. Actually, looking at it like that, my existance is pretty great, lmao. Hopefully I'll continue to find small joys throughout the end of the summer~